Baia’s Wines Helps Launch Wine Initiative In The US

Baia’s Wine is proud to be included among the seven wines to be poured at the Winemaking Is Freedom fundraising event put on by celebrated restaurateur Rose Previte and her husband, David Greene, formerly of NPR’s “Morning Edition”. They are the founders of Go There Wines, an organization intent on not just selling great wine, […]

Saidanaa At The Natural Wine Festival in Tskaltubo

The first sustainable and craft charcuterie shop in Tbilisi, Saidanaa, was proud to be selected as a preferred food vendor for this amazing yearly festival of Natural Wines in the historic spa city of Tskaltubo, the Country of Georgia. Read More at NATURAL WINE ASSOCIATION

Coffee DAO Announces Its Marketplace Launch

Coffee DAO is a project that aims to bring coffee producers and consumers closer. To achieve this, we have created an Origin Certificate that integrates NFT technology into each coffee bag sold on the platform. Its purpose is to enlighten consumers about the history of the bean, its unique qualities, and the intricate artistic process […]

Cardano Foundation CEO About Blockchain Use Cases

Gregaard sits down with Coindesk in the studio at the 2023 Cardano Summit to talk about global trade infrastructure using blockchain technology and a specific use case with Georgian wine. Read More at CoinDesk

“Zero Project Award 2024” Awards “Mshoblis Skivri”

Solani Creative, a digital marketing, and content creator agency started its operation with the project in collaboration with MAC Georgia (McLain Association for Children Georgia): Mshoblis Skivri, a social media platform for parents of the disabled. As more parents were seeking online support during the Covid-pandemic years, the digital project expanded from 6 months to […]