“Zero Project Award 2024” Awards “Mshoblis Skivri”

Solani Creative, a digital marketing, and content creator agency started its operation with the project in collaboration with MAC Georgia (McLain Association for Children Georgia): Mshoblis Skivri, a social media platform for parents of the disabled. As more parents were seeking online support during the Covid-pandemic years, the digital project expanded from 6 months to 2 years, yielding positive success by bridging the gap between the parents from different regions of Georgia, who were lacking information about what benefits or possibilities they had to support their children during these difficult times. 

It was a great honour that in 2023, the “Zero Project Award 2024” awarded Mshoblis Skivri, a social media platform for parents, for expanding to in-person support and educational events. Sustainable projects yielding positive impacts are the highest priority for Andrew Thornhill, who constantly strives to contribute to modern technologies as practical use cases. 

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